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GMU Airport
(864) 272-6268
100 Tower Dr. Unit 11
Greenville SC, 29607

First Flight Gift Certificate

$188.00 each


Experience the feeling of controlling the aircraft under the guidance of your instructor. Have you ever… …dreamed of flying an airplane? Whether you want to become a pilot or want to give someone a special and exciting gift, the “First Flight” introductory flight lesson is a fun and affordable way to experience the thrill of flying. After a brief introduction to the aircraft controls and a safety briefing, you will depart from Greenville Downtown Airport in one of our most popular training aircraft-the Piper Warrior-II, Diamond Eclipse, or Cessna 172 Skyhawk-II. If you wish to continue your flight training, we’ll setup a pilot log book and recommend a Private Pilot Study Course. We will be glad to discuss any additional questions you may have. Your first intro flight includes:

• A 40 minute hands-on aircraft orientation

• A guided lesson on how to taxi and take off

• An exciting approx. 40 minute on board