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Your private pilot’s certificate is your passport to a brand new exciting world.

What does it take to get your private pilot certificate?e6b

Learning to fly is a matter of acquiring aeronautical knowledge, flight proficiency, and experience. Think of the process of earning a private pilot certificate as a series of steps. Some steps, such as aeronautical knowledge, can be integrated throughout your training process. Others, like solo training, come when your instructor has provided the required training and he or she decides that you are ready. The process can be broken down into the following subjects:

  • Pre-solo training
  • Solo training
  • Aeronautical knowledge and FAA knowledge test
  • Cross-county training
  • Solo cross-county training
  • Practical Test preparation
  • Practical Test


What skills and requirements are needed to learn to fly? A large dash of common sense and the willingness to defy gravity in a heavier than air flying machine is a good start. From there we can follow the FAA’s established grocery list of certification requirements.
The FAA requires that you have a minimum of 40 hours logged in order to qualify for your Private Pilot Certificate. However, the average is about 70 hours. The time it takes depends greatly on how frequently you can take lessons. Generally, the more you fly, the faster you’ll get your license.