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Our flight training is enhanced by the use of a Learn To Fly DVD Course – (test prep and ground school in one program). Enjoy the freedom to study wherever you are, whenever you want. The program contains an online syllabus so you’ll always know the topics to be covered in upcoming flight lessons. This will allow you to review the ground lab prior to the corresponding flight lesson in order to maximize lesson comprehension. Our instructors monitor and review the student’s progress. Students who train at CPC’s generally complete their training with 15-20% fewer flight hours than the national average.

In the interest of safety as required by FAR 91.103, we request that you complete a “weight and balance” calculation prior to every flight. In addition, to insure that you are ‘up to’ the flight, we recommend that students and pilots to complete a Preflight Risk Assessment prior to EVERY flight.

For safety and to provide our students with the best aviation resources, we strongly recommend that students:
• Sign up for the FAASTeam at www.faasafety.gov
• Subscribe to AOPA’s Flight Training Magazine (Free Six Month Trial Subscription Available)
• Join an aviation organization such as AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) to keep abreast of changes that affect General Aviation

Stratos aviation is proud to provide flight instruction services to foreign students who have been approved by the Transportation Safety Authority. If you are a foreign student, you may begin the approval process by registering on the TSA website. During the application process you will need to have your fingerprint and photograph taken and will need to obtain TSA approval before starting your flight.